Thursday, June 18, 2009

Look! A blog post.

What happened to June? And why haven't I blogged?

Can you believe it's mid-almost-late June already? Where is this summer going? First off, it hasn't felt like summer until today. And today it feels like St. Louis summer through and through. How does that happen? It goes from a breezy 75° to a steamy 91°-feels-like-100°-because of the humidity. What up wit dat

Grace and I are leaving for Florida in two days. Only one more day of dropping her off at school and hearing her cry because she doesn't like her new classroom. Does she know what that's doing to me? Every morning my heart gets torn out of my chest because I have to go to this place called work and leave my daughter in a place she calls "the torture chamber" because that's how it is. OK - maybe "torture chamber" is a little dramatic. She's never actually said that. But she does cry. Mostly because she misses her previous teacher. The one who always had time for her and showered her with hugs and kisses. Her new teacher is a little less "warm". Doesn't she know my baby needs hugs and kisses? There goes my heart again.

Does anyone know of a legitimate work-at-home job with decent wages? Pick me. I'll take it!

In the meantime, I not only drop Grace off at the torture chamber on a regular basis, but I also make her work for her meals at home. Check out her latest gig...

photos courtesy of Sears Portrait Studio (not Hawaii, like you thought!).