Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A visit with my big brother...
Grace's big brother and his family are visiting us this week. The best part is that he has a 3-year-old daughter. They're having a great time and Grace is learning how hard it is to share, toys, attention, space, etc!

Her favorite phrase right now is "Right Bap" (right back). She holds her pointer finger up and says it with such conviction. We had our last homestudy this week and in a couple more weeks it will be officially one year since Grace became our daughter. Can't believe how time flies!!

Now for the reason you're really here....

Grace and her older niece

Riding the train at the pumpkin patch

Checking out the tunnel with Dad

Four-way tug-of-war (did I mention we had 2 canine visitors also??)

My big brother's family

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Name: Lee Anne and Jason said...

i had no idea grace had a niece! of course i loved the pics. glad to see someone else has those fat little thighs loke wren!