Friday, July 25, 2008

Amazed & Delighted
That's how I feel every day when my little sunshine sleepily walks into our bedroom and wakes me up. Usually I hear her come in and lay on the floor. This morning I saw her laying at the top of the stairs with the dog. She just lays quietly, sometimes talking to her self. Sometimes flipping the handles on my dresser drawer. A not-so-subtle wake-up call if you will. She's a morning girl. She's happy to see us. And if Dad's already gone she asks "where's my Dad?" And if Dad is home she usally sticks to me like glue and doesn't want him bothering her. She's a little fickle that way. She loves her Daddy, but likes to play hard to get. It's frustrating for him and sometimes he gives up. Some mornings it's a battle to get her moving, even though she is a morning person. Everything has to be done in her own time. Who is this independent, stubborn girl who, only 6 months ago, would do whatever I said without blinking an eye? Amazed and delighted at the little girl that is emerging right in front of my eyes. Oh, and did I mention frustrated? Sometimes.


A day in the life of the little sister from China. said...

LOL. Oh Chris, I so know how you feel!

Name: The Bryant Family said...

That is a GREAT post! You should post it at on her POW day (Friday).