Thursday, September 14, 2006

Really great news – Grace has been in foster care her whole nine months! That is fabulous news. Because it means that she has had someone watching over her every minute. It means that she has felt the warmth of touch every day for more than just a few minutes. It means she knows the emotion of love and attachment. It means she has been a part of a real family. And they’ve made her smile and laugh. It also means it will be harder for her to leave them. And it will be hard for her foster family, too. Her foster mom calls her a happy little treasure. I think about them now and am so grateful for all they’ve done for Grace. They must be very special. We are so lucky. I think I’ll start a tradition at Thanksgiving every year – we’ll light a candle for Grace’s foster family and for her biological parents. What an amazing gift they are giving us. I can hardly wait.

We also got more information about Grace – she is active, likes music and dancing and loves to imitate people. She has a good appetite and gets impatient when she’s hungry but happy when she’s fed. She jumps and bounces to music and likes toys that make sound. She sleeps well in her own bed. She’s our little Grace. God has been watching over her and we are blessed beyond words.

October 26 or November 2 – one of those days will most likely be our travel date. I sure hope it’s October.

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