Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Before I forget...

There are a lot of things Grace is doing now that I don't want to forget. My favorite thing is every time I come home she screeches when she hears my voice - then she comes running to me with a big smile on her face. It's THE BEST. She's a little repeat parrot right now and tries to say everything we say. Her best words are: ball, book, bear, thank you, milk, more, more milk, momma, dada, night night. She'll say anything we ask her to, but you can't always make the words out. But she gives it her best. She's ready to talk. She has also learned the art of throwing fits - when I'm changing her, when I'm wiping her face off, when she wants my undivided attention and I'm trying to make dinner. She gets easily frustrated and is not so patient, but she gets that from me AND her Dad. She loves to carry her purse or basket on her shoulder just like Mommy. It's so funny. She tries to eat with a spoon, but still has a hard time maneuvering things into her mouth. She's a little peanut and I love her more each day.

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