Monday, April 02, 2007

How much fun can a girl have in one day?

Start with swimming lessons with Daddy. Add a few hours at the park with my cousins, hunting Easter eggs and top it off with lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's house- now that's my idea of a fun day!

Grace had a great time learning to swim. She started with a "death grip" on Daddy but pretty soon she was splashing and going after floaties like it was nothing. Hopefully she'll be a fish like her Mommy.

The Easter egg hunt was another new and exciting experience. Grace got her bucket filled with eggs and would not let go - see the pictures in sequential order:
1. Hunting for eggs holding my bucket.

2. Swinging and still holding my bucket.

3. Eating lunch with a tight grip on my bucket! She could have cared less what was in the eggs, she was just happy to have a full bucket. The girl is so easy to please.

We're looking forward to a happy Easter and wish anyone who is reading this a blessed Easter, too!

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Name: Lee Anne said...

I just love all those pictures of Grace holding her bucket! And I see she has on some of her China shoes. We have that pair too! :-)