Sunday, December 16, 2007

2-year-old photo shoot

We recently entered the terrible twos. On December 4 to be exact. So far, Grace is doing her part to keep up the "terrible twos" reputation. She has decided to carefully ponder every command that we give her. Meaning she takes her time, mulls it over, thinks about it, looks at us as if to say "yea, I'll do it" and then takes off the other way throwing caution to the wind and ignoring our very words. What is up with that? What will she be like when she's a teenager? I know if my Mom is reading this she's probably thinking "it's payback time!" Man, oh man. This is getting interesting. Now for the photo shoot. Check out Grace's new smile - she's gonna love it when she's 35 and I show this to her first boyfriend:)

I'm trying to take a picture of her in this chair every year. She wasn't having any part of it this year.

This was her favorite gift, she didn't want to get off of it, even for cake!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grace! How cute. Love the tights. Well the whole outfit is adorable. Then again so is she!!!
Lori P

Name: The Bryant Family said...

Gotta love those tantrums! I've got a video of Wren throwing one that I keep meaning to post. I'm glad G. had such a nice birthday! Merry Christmas!

Tish said...

Hi Chris!

This is Tish from So nice to share blogs! We are LID China 8-10-06 so maybe we will have a sweet little girl one day like you! I love Gracie's "new smile!" What a personality she must have! I also love the 1st photo of her atthe pumpkin precious!

Take care!