Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can you say slacker?

Finally, a post. So much for my pipe dreams of making this a day in the life of....Now it's more like every other month in the life of...!

Grace is talking up a storm. My favorite right now is when I ask her a question and she says "because". Or when she says "Mom Holda Me" 4,000 times while I'm trying to make dinner. But the best is when she says "I love you mom" out of the blue. Or when she says "where's dad? I miss him." And now she's even dressing herself and gets very bent out of shape if I help without asking. A certain Kelly Clarkson song comes to mind.

So, without further ado, some pictures of Grace - with her first snowman, at the dog parade and on the eve of the Chinese New Year.


Name: The Bryant Family said...

Is that your huge dog? He's ginormous!!! But he's wonderful looking. :-)

I love Gracie's words. She sounds so grown up. Wren still does some baby talk - hold you, hold you (for hold me).

We're back in Alabama on Monday - hooray! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wahoooo, an update!!! Thanks Chris. Sure miss you guys.
Grace is as adorbale as ever I see! I can just hear her saying those things. Emalee says "hold um". Not sure where the "um" comes from? Any way, nice to see Grace (and you two, and Bear) are doing good.
Lori P.