Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Don't have a heart attack...
We're back. The blog that has sorely been neglected is back in business. At least for another post. So, what's been happening? Grace has become too independent, too headstrong and way too adorable. What's new with you?

Steve and I took our first vacation away from Grace - it was not easy. Quiet, yes. Easy, no. We missed the little munchkin. So, in order to compensate, I spent my time scouting for Florida wildlife. And man did we see some. We rented a boat near Sanibel and Captiva Islands and saw pods of dolphins and drumroll, please, a MANATEE. If you are an animal lover, you'll understand the joy of seeing a Manatee in the wild. It was awesome. Yes it was.

But really, do you want to hear about our trip or Grace? Our trip? OK. We saw a bald eagle right behind the condo. Very cool. And we both held a 23-lb. alligator. It rocked! We also took an airboat ride in the everglades. What's that you say? You want to see pictures of Grace? Really? Is that all you come here for? I know how you are. (I'm kind of that way too. I can't get enough of her!)
Helping in the kitchen making vanilla pudding.

Sitting in the puzzle box and snuggling in her PJs

Looking cool for school except for the drool!

And now, from Florida, Elvis has left the building.

Chris the Croc-hunter.

Beautiful landscape in front of Heritage Palms.

Sunset from our condo.

A pristine day on Sanibel Island.

P.S. This post took me over an hour. Not because I'm slow, but because I used the PC and it's a little like molasses. And that, people, is why I don't blog much!


A day in the life of the little sister from China. said...

Hi Chris,
It was worth the hour it took you to get an update:) Grace is as adorable as ever. It looks like she's getting tall and slimming down a bit? Give her more puddin!
I soooo forgot what it feels like to be without children. The last time I was without children for more than three hours was when we were in China.
Hope you enjoyed your vacation. It looked beautiful.

Lori P

Name: The Bryant Family said...

awesome trip - a manatee in the wild?! I'm s jealous. And yes, Grace it too cute. :-)