Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Photo Shoot
(Actually this photo was taken in October)
I think this may be Grace's last photo shoot for a while. She was very wiggly during this photo shoot. Just when the photographer would get her situated and go behind the camera she'd wiggle and come all undone!

I read an article in Family Circle Magazine last night about how fast little girls are growing up and how important it is to stress talent over looks. Of course that's logical, but there are little things that I had never thought about. Like the unrealistic beauty and fairy tales of the disney princesses. I get all excited about Grace when she wants to play dress up - but is that really something to encourage? I'm not trying to go all radical on the idea, but it did make me think. It also talked about how sports are so great for girls because it helps them focus on what their bodies can do vs. what their bodies look like. Just food for thought. I know I'll be a lot more selective about the kind of TV shows that Grace watches, especially as she gets older. Disney and Family channel do not always mean appropriate for any age. As a matter of fact, "Family" channel is VERY misleading.

OK - enough of my public service announcement. Just watching out for my girl!