Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When I get bigger...
Grace mentions "when I get bigger" at least three times every day. Lately I've been finishing the sentence with "you can clean up the house" and she plays right along..."when I get bigger, I can clean the house". I'm really looking forward to that day. I'm not, however, looking forward to her growing up quite so fast. Where has the time gone? She's almost three. In this picture she looks five and ready to "go on the school bus and the choo choo", as she puts it.

Lately everything is her "favorite". Last night we ate McDonald's and she had orange Hi-C for the first time. She said "Mom, this is my favorite!" A few days ago we went for a walk outside and she said "Mom, being outside is my favorite." And last Saturday when we finished gymnastics she said "Mom, gymnastics is my favorite." I'm so glad I'm hitting on all her "favorite" things!


A day in the life of the little sister from China. said...

Hi Chris,
Emalee has the "favorite" thing going on too. Its so fun to see how similar the girls are! I love Grace's smile in the picture too. And it won't be too long before they're actually in school. Time does fly doesn't it.


Name: The Bryant Family said...

OK That is so weird b/c Wren is doing the favorite thing too! And she talks about when she gets big too. Must be an age thing but seems uncanny to me! :-)