Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm going to be a Mom in 20 days! Eeek! Will I be a good Mom? Will I be as good of a Mom as my Mom? I can only hope that Steve and I can give Grace the kind of childhood my parents gave me - extremely happy. I can't imagine a better family life than what I had. If we can give Grace a life half as good she'll be lucky. But I won't settle for half as good. I want her to be as happy and satisfied in life as I am. I am truly blessed. I have faith that sustains me. I have a family that is second to none. If I can give those things to Grace, she'll be in good shape.

"God help me to be the best Mom I can. Give me your guidance in raising our daughter. Help me to teach her patience, kindness, compassion, optimism and happiness."

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