Monday, October 30, 2006

It's hot in Wuhan!

I don't think I've stopped sweating since we got here - probably more information than you all need to know. But my daughter sweats too! She was obviously meant for me. We had to do some paperwork this morning and she fell asleep on Steve and she had little beads of sweat on her nose. It was the cutest!

Wuhan is a really interesting city. So much going on and so many people - 8 million! I think all 8 million are outside on the streets at all times. Trying to cross the street is like playing Frogger in real life. The cars don't slow down and they certainly don't stop. You just kind of cross in between cars and hope you make it. I seriously have feared for my life a couple times.

Yesterday we went down to the 4th floor of our hotel at 10:30 a.m. to meet the babies. I had to make a copy in the lobby beforehand and I got a glimpse of the babies. Boy was my stomach in knots. All 14 families went to this really hot conference room (notice I'm sticking with the theme)to meet our babies. When they brought out Gracie I recognized her right away. She had a ponytail on top of her head and red chubby cheeks. And she was sweating. Must be my girl.

She cried when we took her, but when we got back to the room we took off some of her clothes and gave her a few toys and she was much happier. We even got a smile from her within the first hour.

She seems to like us both which is really good. There are about four other babies who will only go to Dad. That's pretty normal, we just got lucky.

Last night we ventured out to the department store that is similar to WalMart but has a couple levels. It was a madhouse. They play really loud music and I think all 8 million people were there at the same time. (Yes it's even worse than Eureka WalMart on Saturday afternoon!) It's really hard shopping when you can't communicate with the people. I feel bad that I can't communicate with them.

Our walk over there was interesting, too. We were somewhat of an attraction. People stared at us and many people wanted to talk to us - they all seemed very friendly and curious.

People eat a lot of food on sticks here. Everywhere you go there is a little store selling some kind of food on a stick - chicken, fruit, mystery meat. It's kind of like one big state fair everywhere you go. I notice that the people, both men and women walk very close together - just an observation. I guess in a town of 8 million you don't worry about personal space, even if it is 800 degrees!

I really should be taking a nap. Daddy and daughter are snoozing and I'm missing out. Sorry about not posting pictures. It seems they have to be compressed and I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Where is an Art Director when you need one!

I've been trying to reply to emails but I'm sure I won't get to all of them. I'm reading them and love hearing from all our friends and family. I'm ready to come home and we still have 10 more days!

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