Monday, November 06, 2006

Barbeque by the Pearl River

OK - this is the second time I typed this post. I accidentally pushed some button and it all disappeard. So, hopefully I can recreate it - it was really funny and entertaining, believe me.

Last night we spent a wonderful evening by the river eating scrumptious food. The restaurant is part of this hotel and is bordered on one side by the pearl river and the other by lush tropical trees and plants. We had great company - Rhonda and Glen from California and Connie and Joe from Oklahoma - not to mention our three beautiful daughters who seemed to enjoy the evening just as much.

They had beef tenderloin, sirloin steaks, chicken, pork, lamb, shrimp and all kinds of fish that you picked out, had the Chef grill and bring it to your table. It was the best meal we've eaten. We also had a perfect view of the laser light show that happens every night on the river. The restaurant even prepared steamed eggs and congee for the girls. They devoured the steamed eggs that looked like custard without the sugar.

We found out that Connie and Joe's daughter, Mollie, was in the same foster home as Gracie. So they share a special bond. When we were at pizza hut in Wuhan, Mollie was looking at Grace and said Gei Gei, which means sister. We're going to keep in touch and hopefully make a point to get the girls together periodically as they grow up.

We also just discovered that the couple staying next to us are from St. Louis and are the couple I met in the parking lot of CHI on referral day and also are the kids of one of Marlene's (Steve's Mom) grade school friends. What a small world! We're half a world away in China and end up next door to people we know! They just got their daughter yesterday. Their travel approval came about a week later than ours.

This morning we have to stay in our room from 9 - 12 in case the American Consulate has any questions for us. If we don't get a phone call then all the paperwork is done. Tonight we have the famous red couch picture and a group dinner. I'll post the picture as soon as possible. It's the picture where we put all 14 girls on the red couch and take a picture. It should be really fun.

Grace is busy occupying her Daddy - playing with his toes, sticking her finger in his ear, pinching his nose - he's like a giant toy. I think he's getting a little sore from all the poking and prodding!

Still having a great time here but looking forward to getting home and out of a hotel room! See you all soon!

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