Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Homesickness, Fred Flintstone and the Poop & Run
I'm starting to get a little homesick. The feeling is exacerbated by the fact that we're stuck in a jail-cell sized room with a baby who likes to scream from about 6:00-7:00 at night, while the neighbors crank up their music to drown out the sound. OK - the room is actually a regular size hotel room, it just feels small when Grace is unhappy. Luckily she is very happy today. Her teething pain is not bothering her and neither is gas. So all is well in Wuhan.

Now on to Fred Flintstone. I've come to the conclusion that all the beds in China were carefully mined from the same quarry where Fred Flintstone worked. They are hard. Bedrock hard. And sleeping on bedrock is a challenge. I'm feeling a little sleep deprived. I have to revert back and say that I did not feel any real effects of jet lag, so that's good. But sleeping on bedrock is another story.

And lastly, the Poop & Run. Shortly after I posted yesterday, a funky smell came over our hotel room. The prunes did the job! Grace pooped and Daddy ran! Thus, we now affectionately refer to her first major milestone as the Poop & Run.

Grace is just a delight. She is very playful and is easily entertained. She's not used to Mommy's jokes yet, but we're working on that. She's also getting tired of my singing. She mostly wants to stand in her crib or next to the bed and pull herself up and down. She also has taken a few steps while I hold her hands. I have a feeling she'll be walking in no time, once we get home.

She makes a lot of noise and will obviously be a talker. She has already said mama and dada - repeating it after us. Right now she's reading a book about animals. She really is a joy and we feel so blessed.

Today we went to the Yellow Crane tower - a major attraction in Wuhan. It was very pretty. We took lots of pictures. Tonight the whole group is going to Pizza Hut. I can't wait! Pizza!!!

I miss home, but this really is an adventure. And I couldn't be happier spending time with our precious daughter.

Signing off and having a yabadabadoo time in China!

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