Friday, November 03, 2006

Random Thoughts from China

It's really fun to see school-age children in china. They love to practice their English and will always say "hello".

Most people are very friendly and smile when they see Steve carrying Grace in the baby sling. Many people want to stop and talk to her. A lot of adults with children will point us out to their child. I have seen very few negative looks.

Steve is annoying me as I write this. (Yes - he knows I just wrote that.)

There are a lot of neon signs in the big cities. We have a bunch of them right outside our hotel room window.

Kentucky Fried Chicken in China is not very good. McDonalds is good, except for the split pants incident.

The main form of transportation in China is public buses. We've seen many buses that are completely packed with people.

Chinese people dress very warm no matter how warm it is outside. You don't see anyone in shorts or short sleeves. Most men wear jackets and women dress in sweaters. And of course their babies are bundled from head to toe, sometimes in wool. I sweat just looking at them.

Washing dishes in a 9x9 tupperware container is the pits.

Tonight we saw a lady walking a little black poodle. It made me miss Bear.

Grace has the cutest little song she sings when she's playing. There are no words, but she sort of hums the same sweet tune over and over again. I could listen to it forever.

There's a cell phone store that we pass by on our way to the store and it's always buzzing with tons of people. I mean it's like crazy packed every night. And there's not just one cell phone store, it seems like every other store front is a cell phone store.

Last night we went to the cake store. It's a tiny little bakery. Even at 7:00 at night they were decorating cakes and wrapping them up in pretty ribbon.

Our first night in Wuhan our guide pointed out the Comb Store. Can a guy really make a living selling combs? I guess it's serious business in Wuhan. We just thought it was funny that the only store she pointed out was the comb store.

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