Sunday, November 05, 2006

Two People in Love

That would be Steve and I. We are totally in love with this little girl who is currently sleeping in the crib across the room. Every day she amazes us with her smiles. Tonight she fell asleep next to me while we were resting on the bed. Right before she fell asleep she got up, crawled down and put her lips on my mouth. I think she was giving me a kiss goodnight. I couldn't believe it. But she crawled right back up to the pillow and was out in minutes. I can't wait to tell Steve!

Steve is out with the boys getting a massage. It's been his dream to go to the Chinese massage parlor!! But really, you can get an hour long massage for like 10 bucks! I'm sure he'll be nice and relaxed when he gets back.

This morning we went to church right down the street from our hotel. Steve and I really felt the need to be closer to God and thank him for the precious gift he's given us. Grace was a champ and was quiet for the entire 1 1/2 hour service. She is such a good girl no matter what we do. Later this afternoon we went shopping at the big market where you can find wholesale pearls, jade and other precious gem stones. It was pretty cool. We need to go back because it was so overwelming. There are hundreds of bead stores all selling the exact same thing. I don't know how they all stay in business. We bought Grace a little jade rooster charm because she was born the year of the rooster.

Grace attracts a lot of attention because she has a lot of hair and it's relatively long compared to the other girls. Many have had their heads shaved, but not Grace. As you can see from a previous picture I posted, her hair hangs down in her face. Every morning I put barettes in but she pulls them out so her hair is constantly in her face. I always wanted nice thick hair - God gave it to me on my daughter.

My daughter .I love typing that. She is beyond belief. She is amazing Grace. We are so in love.

P.S. Eric, Greg and Tiffany - if any of you are reading this, we think of you often and can't wait for Grace to meet you. I know she is going to love you all. We miss you and wish you were here! Love, Dad and Chris

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